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Application Requirements

We aim to have thorough discussions and share with our customers, partner companies, and colleagues based on the philosophy that we should all work toward the same goal from the same point of view.
Even if it's work, if you're going to spend time doing something, why not spend it in a way that makes sense?

Job type/① Planning and design ② Construction supervisor
Job details
Planning, design presentation, planning design, and construction management of store commercial facilities
Store planning and presentation
Construction quality, budget, schedule, safety management
Arranging cooperating construction companies
Construction screen creation
In addition, various arrangements for construction property management and administrative work
Qualification requirements
Age: 25 to 45 years old
Educational background: No questions
Qualifications/Experience: Qualified architect/construction management engineer, knowledge and experience of CAD design

①② Both have approximately 3 years of experience in the same job in construction or retail/commercial facilities.
Recruitment focuses on people. Able to work according to one's own will.
Those who can draw up a solid plan (we will look at multiple sites through external parties and companies)
Work location
Tokyo Branch (Those who currently live in Sapporo and wish to work at the Tokyo Branch can apply)
Recruitment type/
①Functional training instructor (physical therapist, occupational therapist, judo therapist)
②Lifestyle counselor ③ Lifestyle counselor candidate ④ Nursing staff ⑤Nurse
Job details
① Training and guidance for day service users such as exercise, transportation, general rehabilitation work related to daily life, bathing assistance, etc.
②③ General work related to day services, such as daily life guidance, consultation services, advice, document preparation, organization, transportation, etc. PC skills required (Word, Excel operation)
④ General work related to day services such as elderly care, bathing, transportation, etc.
⑤Training and guidance for day service users such as exercise, transportation, general rehabilitation work related to daily life, bathing assistance, vital check and health examination, etc. (no medical services)
Qualification requirements
Age: Any
Educational background: None
① Physical therapist, occupational therapist, judo therapist
② Appointment of certified care worker, certified social worker, certified mental health worker, and social welfare director
③ Care worker, beginner training (helper 2nd grade), home helper 1st grade, Nursing care staff basic training, nursing staff practical training, social worker, Mental health welfare worker, social welfare director appointment, no qualifications allowed
④Automobile driver's license (required), experienced persons welcome, qualified persons welcome, No qualifications allowed, inexperienced people allowed, middle-aged and elderly people allowed
⑤Nurses, Associate Nurses
Work location
①②⑤Kita 41-jo ③④Kita 41-jo, Hiragishi

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